2nd build....mabie



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May 9, 2008
im gonna wait till i get my new motor and put it on the jaguar again (first one blew up)
if i like it then im gonna put a dax 70cc on one of these Walmart.com: E-Zip 2008 Trailz Hybrid Electric Bike, Men's: Bikes, Scooters & Skates

..... the way i see it i can use a tinny sprocket for the kit using the electric bike to start then switching to motorized with like a 24-28 tooth rear sprocket
kinda like an electric starting system

any comments?
keep in mind the only use for this is MABIE riding to work every now and then and a friends house.

if i only use the electric in emergencys , to start and on bike trails this could be PRETTY SWEET

my only worry is weight
with an extra batterie these things weigh like 50lbs
pluse the 20 for the kit thats 70 lbs plus my 195
thats HEAVY
any thoughts? comments?