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Jul 15, 2008
OC, Ca
While browsing at Lowe's, I found the Pro-Mix Premium 2 Cycle Engine Oil. A brightly colored star states "Safely replaces all mix ratios". Instructions are to mix 2.6 oz. with a 1 gal of fresh gas. Label also states that this can be used for 50:1, 40:1, 32:1, and 16:1 ratios.

Question: Does the mixing of this 2.6 oz to 1 gal really replace all the mix ratios mentioned?

I went ahead and mixed the stuff with a gallon and ran my 70cc motor with it for 2 weeks now and the bike runs really well and doesn't seem to have any issues.
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Jun 29, 2008
memphis tn
check the color of your plug
if it is black, sooty and/or oily you have too much oil
if it is a biscuit brown you've got a good mix
and not related to your question,
if it is a white-ish color you have too much air
hope that helps

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Jan 8, 2008
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I think you should have asked this question two weeks ago when you started using it in the bike.

That statement simply means that it will replace an oil you are using now at your current mix ratio.

You are not doing your engine any good running it at 50:1....these are not modern, liquid cooled two strokes, they are 40's tech, piston ported two strokes with very bad quality control and tolerances.


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Jul 15, 2008
OC, Ca
Thank you. I have to start form square one and do the break in process again to ensure I don't burn up the motor.


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May 7, 2008
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Hey Pablo! yer phone's ringing! (He's our oil God) Thanks for the post! All i know is if it smokes, it's just about right! rotfl (not really) some of us could stand to know more about oil gas mix. (c)


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Jan 20, 2008
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I use a 20 % castor 80% synthetic when I was at 12 to 1 it smoked like the dickens.

To quiet a spandex cafe racer or a hillbilly in a pickum up truck just goose the throttle at a stop sign or A RED LIGHT .
Puffy clouds of castor smoke issue from behind the bike ( Thank goodness for the exhaust extension moose can muffler).
Castor smoke is a LAXATIVE Ha Ha !!
I never saw them again.
I went to 16 to 1 and am finally at 25 to 1.
After break in.
On a bushing engine try for 25 to to 1
On a roller bearing engine try for 32 to 1
As long as the oil is for air cooled 2 stroke engines.


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Aug 29, 2008
hello everyone new to this site so far has been very helpful i read so many diff sugesrtions on oil /spark plug gap on oil/gas mine(80cc) said during break in period 20:1 the after 30 to 35:1 i see alot of people talking about ratios being around 16 to 20 to one what i find weird was when i bought the engine it came with one general flyer and the seller sent via email a whole differant set of specs whats a good rule of thumb for proper ratio