1st Long Ride!



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Sep 26, 2008
Bike had about 50 mi on it this morning after 10 or so 5ish mi jonts over the past week or so. Its been gettin' more power after every ride. So I opted for the 11.2 mile each way m/b power commute. For those who know Seattle I went from Shoreline to Magnolia. For those who don't, Seattle is hilly in the best of circumstances. I have commuted on my road bike so I know the route to take. Most of the way to work is slightly down hill. Down a lot of the hills I just lock the clutch lever and coast.

On the way home I pushed the pedals a bit up the hills to maintain speed. The bike got more powerful on the way home! I'm at least 2/3 of the way through my 1st gallon of gas ( The Magical Break In Period ). I can't wait to get through this 1st gal. I'm runnin' dino 20:1 for 1st gal then switchin' to Synth 32:1 thereafter.

I'm happy w/ the chain mod I did. Faced off the front sprocket dn to an 1/8", got rid of the tensioner and used a half link to match chain tension. The SRAM bmx/track chain is breakin' in nicely so far.:bike2:

Motor is a RAW motor from zone8cycling. Swapped out most hardware for stainless, nylocs, threadlocker etc. All holding well!

I'v got a bunch of stuff I want to do! Handling, Brakes, Performance etc. :ride:

I'm pretty happy w/ this build though!(^)