1974 CB550 Rebuild Project


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Apr 28, 2016
Since it's not a motorized bike (depending on your lexicon) I won't put it with the build thread area. Although it is technically vintage .trk

I just scored a cb550 for the low low price of free as a barn find. Literally sat in a barn for who knows how long.

Here's a video summary of how it was when I got it.


And part 2 as I started to take it apart and found things werent as bad as they seemed

Basically, the engine was believed to have been seized. I believe the last time it was rideable was 2008 per the inspection sticker on the fender. The rear tire had been locked up, chain snapped. All control cables frozen. Shifter frozen. You name it frozen/ rusted. Mouse was living in the airbox.

As for my experience, I had a honda 1984 Nighthawk 450 sc that I had crashed and rebuilt, though it wasn't nearly in so bad shape. Of course I also built a couple motorized bikes so I should have some understanding with these things.

I'm also on the SOHC/4 forum but I thought I'd post this here if anyone is interested or has some knowhow.


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Feb 6, 2010
Had a bit of work cut out for you on that one. That's often how restorations go. I think I'll watch this thread and see how it goes. I like the old Hondas.