1950 Sportsman



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Oct 10, 2008
Lebanon, Pa.
A friend of mine bought this Sportsman. It was really nice but hadn't been run for many years. Here is some of the stuff I did to get it running . I poured Marvel mystery oil down through the spark plug hole. It had no spark so I sent The alternator and coil to Arizona to get checked. The alternator was good but the coil need of some work and I got a really good deal on getting it fixed for him. I changed the oil and the spark plug and cleaned the carburetor. It started then after I kicked it a while and ran great. The old tires kept losing air so I bought new tires, thorn resistant tubes and rim liners. While the wheels were off I greased the bearings and check the brakes and there was a lot of pad left on the brakes. It runs great and is fun to ride. The inside of the gas tank was rusty so I put a bunch of nuts and bolts in there and rolled them around to knock off the rust and cleaned out the inside of the tank. Then I installed a fuel sediment bowl to catch anything that tried to come through.



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Dec 31, 2014
JB that is a beauty, glad he brought it to you. I'm a great believer in the Marvel Mystery oil lots of uses and pre lube before startup on an engine that's been sitting awhile or when "frozen" is one of my favorites, as is break-in in of a new or rebuilt motor. Run in the gas and oil in daily use, gas every other tank, Pull the head after using for a year or so and be amazed at the condition of the head, valves and piston...what little carbonization occurs is easily removed with little effort. Get better plug life as well.

Thanks for showing us this little Sportsman...I like! Rick C.