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    Nov 9, 2010
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    Well, I done Ticked off my wife yesterday!!! And it's your all's fault!!!!!
    Just kidding, about the "your all's fault" part.

    I just finished building my first MB last weekend with the kids. I had so much fun with kids building it, I needed that rush again this weekend. But more on my level. The Mr.Gadget Level.
    I looked on CraigsList, and found a used Schinn MB, not running for $100. I had no choice but to go look at it.
    The problems with the bike were in my opinion small. A flat front tire, a bald rear tire showing tons of thread to the second layer, broken front motor mount bolts in the case, missing rear motor mount bolts, blown bottom head gasket, no intake gasket. Dirty and SMELLY!!!!
    So what did I do, I ripped it apart. all the way down to removing the piston and rings to get rid of the carbon build up. Gave the bike a Goo Gone bath. and checked every nut and bolt. $50 in parts between AutoZone, Ace Hardware, and Wally World, an entire afternoon of my time, and around 7pm, she fired right up!!
    (My wife calls me Mr.Gadget for a reason)

    My justification for this bike to my wife, was that the first one was so fun, that now one of the boys and I can share that fun time together!!!! And we did, Today, two of us road 12.5 miles, just to enjoy a Sunday afternoon riding to the parts store to get a new spark plug. And it was FUN!!

    During this build, I descoverd GOO Gone does wonders to remove old greasy stains, and saw everything inside one of these engines. I was surprized to see the clutch pucks were in good shape, although I might replace them anyways later because I hear a slight squeel,,,,,,,, or mabe I should lose some weight!!!!!! LOL !!!!

    I think onece I get the wife to ride the darn thing,,,,, I'll have reason to Build #3!!!!! I want a Jack Shaft Kit on a Full Suspention Bike!!!

    Loads of Fun Guys. Oh, by the way, After cleaning the bike and engine, It looks out right new. and runs perfect, Idle, cruise, and WOT!!!

    Mr.Gadget, and sons.
    .we. .we.
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    Not a bad investment, Mr. Gadget. Congratulations on the find.
    I'll bet there are tons of unsuccessful motorized bike builds setting in garages and back yards that the original owner/builder couldn't get or keep running based on the mechanical skill level we see here a lot. It looks like a simple thing; buy and engine kit, bolt it to a bike and you're on the road. Problem is that it takes just a little more than that and more than some people have in the way of talent. Sounds like your C-List find has found a good home. Have fun, ride safe.
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    Sep 20, 2010
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    Nice story, and i feel the same, the building process is as much fun as the ride . Plus you got kids to share in the joy, you are blessed, trust me sooner or later your wife will ride cause she will get bored waiting for you and the kids to return. lol

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