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  • Mr. Gadget,

    This response is about a year late, but I wanted to reply just the same. I have been away from MB's for a while and just saw your message. If you are still in Charleston and would like to get together and ride sometime I am here and able. I will keep an eye for a reply.

    Take Care,
    Nicholas (Sharkcruiser)
    Thanks, It was alot of fun. As for the wheels, Mine are true enough for being off the shelf at Wally World. But I still have a problem with them.. Not all of the spokes are tight...LOL. I have been chasing a CLANK sound for hours, I thought it was the chains and the fenders,,,, but it turns out I was hearing loose spokes. LOL. I used a cresent wrench very delicitly untill I can find a spoke wrench.
    Thanks again.
    Nice kit. I just built a Panama Jack myself.. You'll really enjoy it, just watch the wheels... I drive mine between 4 and 8 miles a day. The wheels aren't quite true. Just a warning.. I also removed the reflectors. Believe it or not it made a difference in vibration at about 25- 30 mph. good luck.
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