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    Fresh thread

    Okay so i made another post but it was pretty vague so I'll just make a fresh thread with pics, so I was scrolling gumtree and came across someone selling a old zbox motorised kit they had never opened and had just kept in storage and they didn't know if it was the z-80 or z-50 So went for a...
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    Buying a "new" second hand kit

    I was just scrolling gumtree and came across a cheap new in box motorised kit the guy said he is unsure if it's a 80 or a 50, I'm going for a look and I wouldn't know how to tell let alone if all the parts are there and what makes a good kit from a bad one? I'd imagine I wouldn't want a flat...
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    Hello from Tassie.

    Hello, I'm Purrs, I'm 16. My Hobbies include such wonderful things as: Making things from wood. Stepladders, etc. Playing with fire, although less so now. Hugging people. I like cats and vodka. :3 I tend to be very blunt and to-the-point, and I have a dark sense of humor...