1. Venice Motor Bikes

    VMB Electra 'Deluxe' motorized bicycle

    We had a extremely busy day in the shop yesterday!! In the middle of it all, we managed to build this Electra 'Deluxe' cruiser in only 2.5 hours for my friend Ronny!! We made a custom front mount from 1/4" steel, installed a custom Sportsman hub adapter that was machined to fit a Nexus...
  2. Venice Motor Bikes

    VMB Motorized Felt 'Deep 6"

    I'm finally getting my chance to motorized a new Felt 'Deep 6'! These bikes are so bad a$$!!! These pix are of the bike with the engine resting in it for a quick photo opp. This bike's getting a 'in frame' tank with a KWM filler cap & engine mounts, Sportsman hub adapter & sprocket & a...
  3. Venice Motor Bikes

    Motorized 1930s Schwinn Board Track Racer

    Here's some quick pix of a bike I've been slowly working on... It's a 1930s Schwinn 'C' Model. It's powder coated Emerald Green, & I just scored some Felt 1903 wheels & tires for it; so I thought I would take some pix. I also have a one of a kind 'in frame' tank that CCC made for it! (^)...