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    Timing settings?

    I just bought a new/used Motorized Bicycle, the previous owner could not get it to run since day 1. It just runs a very little (if at all) that's about it. I was reading on this form a few things and so far I did change the spark plug, cleaned the gas tank, removed the exhaust pipe (it is...
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    SHOUT!!! for help 4stoke 7g huasheng

    Forgive laziness and grammar I did this once already and the site deleted. So my patience is limited now. So to begin my problem. The bike has 640 miles on this 7g kit. I was riding today and went through some roughish terrain. After that the bike idled down sharply. It didn't shut off but...
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    The Best Damn Bike Pt. 1 (planning phase)

    greetings all, I'm new to the whole motorized bike world, but my buddy, who is a licensed welder and mechanic looked at me a few weeks ago and said: "hey man, how fast do you think we can make your old bike go?" so i did a few weeks of research and came up with this list of mods to a grubee...