1. C

    riders in Houston TX.

    Any riders in Houston TX. interested in riding or racing. I myself don't know of any groups or persons in the area. would like to get something started, even if its riding around.
  2. G

    Hello from Texas

    I'm a recreational rider that enjoys getting on my bike and heading out down the road without a destination. It's the best way to clear my head and get everything back in focus. I think everything is bigger and better in Texas so I chose a FAT bike from Soul Beach Cruisers, out of Tempe...
  3. M

    Saying Hi from San Antonio

    Hello, My name is Medicsgirl. I am in San Antonio, TX. I have been a member here since April, but tend to lurk around. My Husband and I have our bikes, and we are now to the point of looking at, and hopefully very soon purchasing our engines. I know I want a 4 stroke v-mount engine, but...
  4. Ruby478

    Dallas- Motorized Bicycle Club

    I still consider myself a newbie builder even though ive been building for 3 years now. Im the owner and founder of the Oak Cliff Motorized Bike Club in Dallas,Tx If you're in or around Dallas check it out on facebook Oak Cliff Motorized Bike Club | Facebook its open to everyone...
  5. biknut

    Texas Riding Blog

    If you live in Texas and want to start riding motor bicycles, or already are, check in here, and tell us about your riding experiences. Texas is very motor bicycle friendly. I live in Dallas, and have been riding for over 2 1/2 years. I've never been hassled by the police for riding my motor...