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  • I know that in San Antonio, and Texas in General, as long as you can still pedal independently (to get the engine going) it still classifies as a bicycle. The minute you remove that feature it becomes a motorcycle. Windcrest may have city ordinances that are different from San Antonio. I found a great builder here in San Antonio that did our first build and as soon as we have the funds, we are going to have him do a 2nd build for us. Our first engine is a 2 stroke gas oil mix, but our next one is going to be a 4 cylinder straight gas. I am going to be on the road to much to remember to mix oil and gas for each tank of fuel.
    Hi, I've just started a build and I'm here in the San Antonio area too! (near the Windcrest area) Just wondering if you or those you know have had any issues with law enforcement? Do you know what the laws exactly are? I bought a cruiser and have just finished the prep work i.e. installing front and rear brakes and now Im just looking as to what size or kind of engine to get. Any advice would be great.
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