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    My first 4 stroke (or How I Learned to Stop Tinkering and Love Simplicity)

    I am abandoning my 2 strokes in favor of a 4 stroke. I just ordered a Honda GX35 with a Staton Friction Drive kit. After much research I have come to the conclusion that this will be a nice daily driver for me. I plan to put it on my Micargi Rover (replacing my 2 stroke China girl). It won't...
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    Staton chain drive tanaka 40cc build!!

    I got a Powered pedals Bike
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    Hello from tempe az

    Hey everyone! My names gary> I am on my third motorized bike build since my last two were stolen. First was a happy time diamondback response, second was a gebe 32cc tanaka hardrock, now ill post the build of my schwinn ditch staton 40cc tanaka!! I ride everyday and had 4,000 miles on my gebe...