slipping clutch
  1. ezrider

    Clutch Slipping

    Haven't had much luck yet with these tips: # 1. How to Adjust Clutch if signs of slipping or squealing is encountered: A) Disengage clutch by pulling handle bar clutch lever inward and lock into catch lock. B) Remove right side engine clutch cover and remove small locking screw on center...
  2. D

    New clutch pads keep slipping every time i tighten..

    I just bought new clutch pads. and they keep on slipping. I keep having to tighten the clutch and I even had to go so far that I had to stick a solid peice of metal in between the metal pin that pushes in the clutch.. I used break cleaner to clean up the area before i installed the pads. but its...
  3. F

    HS 49cc 5g Hoot test drive

    Sorry for the poor quality camera. I attempted to demonstrate how well the clutch works at low speeds compared to the factory setup that slipped all the way up to 14 mph. Lark Video Productions
  4. Jumpa

    Clutch issues

    I have question My bike will start however the clutch has been slipping quite a bit the past 2 days I took out pads cleaned the crap out of everything. My question what else can slip besides the obvious clutch pads is there or are there any other parts that can slip I'm looking at a SCHEMATIC...