1. M

    Chain/Sprocket seizing

    I have an old beach cruiser I’ve been riding for a month with the “80”cc bike engine kit attached. Let me be clear, my alignment and chain size are fine. The engine also runs smooth as butter. The problem started two days ago and it started as a light squeak which goes away after running the...
  2. J

    Back Wheel locked up

    When I go to bump the bike the wheel just locks up and skids. Im not sure where to start
  3. J

    Engine won't turn over.

    I've recently purchased a 66cc motor from the internet and installed it on my bicycle. It ran great for about 15 minutes before refusing to turn. It seems to be the front drive sprocket (the smaller one) that just will not budge no matter what I do. Considering sending the engine back for a...
  4. B

    New engine seems seized?

    I Just recently got a two stroke kit for Christmas and have finally gotten it all together and tight(no thanks to the terrible instructions). Today My father and I mixed the directed gas and oil(16:1), rolled the bike to the driveway and it started right up. After convincing my dad that a 300...
  5. Zacka

    Engine Not Firing

    Hello fellow community, I own a 2 stroke engine, still in the run in period. I think i may have ran my engine too rich because the spark plug is definitely not sparking but the engine is not seized. i was riding it pretty far and i was going down a hill and it suddenly just bogged out and...