1. A

    Leather covered solo seat

    Leather covered cruiser seat Hey everyone. Been riding my sled a lot, and was wanting to get some sort of leather covered seat, in that sort of bobber-chopper-solo-pan type. I have a lowrider style Felt Bixby, and I want a seat in that sort of style. Looked all over the web, and couldn't find...
  2. maniac57

    Jesse James seat: Opinions?

    Here's something I've been thinking of trying. It's a 2001 RM 250 seat. The lines look about right to me. Imagine a sissy bar for the rear mounting point,
  3. Ancient Order

    Classic low style seat question

    I'm trying to convert my cruiser into a classic looking board tracker. I've already cut the handlebars and got a shiny new headlight, but I can't seem to find the types of seats where the post hole is up at the front. Is there a way to do that to a normal seat or can you get them somewhere...