rat motorized bike

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    LEGIT Briggs 5 on BMX Junkgoose rat bike

    Just found this forum! Awesome This is my 1st successful attempt at building a motorized bicycle. From what I see on here most people use old Schwinn type bikes. I chose to go with BMX for a couple reasons. I will keep those to myself! lol I know the slant of the motor might raise some...
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    Rat out of HeII

    Here is the Rat out of HeII. This is my first motorized bike build. I scrapped together an old Schwinn beach cruiser frame with an old springer front end and a bunch of other crusty old parts I found laying around at the bike shop. My friend Rob from SurfMule.com helped with the custom...
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    Hello from San Diego

    Hey guys, I am a new member to this site, though I have used the posts on this site many times in the past. I really appreciate all the great info posted on here and I am happy to be a new member. I am super stoked on motorized bikes. These things are too much fun. The worst part about riding...