pull starter

  1. B

    *new* Questions about raising performance

    Hello, I enjoy cycling and all motorsports to begin with and thought that while I am in college, and since I am on a budget motorized bikes would be the easiest way to get my fix for danger and speed. I know they are not built for high speeds but I just want something to enjoy and practice my...
  2. Old Rider

    Pull Starts

    Has anyone tried a add-on pull start on the standard 80cc engines? By the looks of the add-on, it will be in the way of the pedal arm.
  3. M

    Centrifugal Clutch Acquisition!

    I have looked almost everywhere to find a centrifugal clutch kit for sale on the internet and while several sites have them posted for sale, all of them are out of stock. Can anyone help me hunt one down?
  4. M

    pull starter

    How does a pull starter work? What happens once it turns on the engine?usflg