1. PluckStrumRide

    Original Fuel Tank Petcock Leaking *Help*

    The engine kit I purchased, which I've ran on 2 bikes (Currently on my profile photo) It has the standard/older style fuel tank requiring the female style petcock. The original leaked and the seal became useless. I ordered another. I apply thread tape to the tank to help with a better seal...
  2. TylerCO

    Petcock is POS

    My petcock on my new kit just broke after riding it a few times... The problem is that the nut holding it on just pops off of the top of the petcock when I tighten the nut. The thing is a peice of crap obviously, I need to get a new one but I don't want this to happen again. Any recommendations...
  3. M

    How do I change fuel tank?

    How do I change my fuel tank without fuel spilling everywhere when I take off the fuel line/ petcock, even if I turn of the flow of fuel on the petcock, there will still be fuel in the line running into the carb, how do I go about doing this?
  4. R

    almost closed petcock gives me more power

    ok, i've been having trouble with my motor. i got it about a week and a half ago, i've been through a total of about 5 tanks (my tank is a half gallon size). and i've maybe been topping at 17MPH, and then it slowly loses power until it maybe maxes 10 mph without me pedaling. i've been thinking...