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    Mod a 49cc or upgrade to 66cc first

    AS the title says, im stuck with a 49cc china girl and i dont have much cash. Should i get a new head, intake, and pipe now or wait a long while to get a 66cc and break it in first?
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    Best 2 stroke Motor for $200

    So i have the Chinese 49cc and its killing me. every day i feel like the motor hates reving less and less. it started to like to run around 2900 rpm and now it dosent go past 2400 without vibrating everywhere. Like the title says, i wanna buy a new motor. I dont care about cc specifically...
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    Mikuni vm20 carb?

    idk if i am posting this in the right area but i saw a vid on YouTube with a guy running a 49cc on a Yamaha ag100 carb which is a mikuni vm20 i believe. I have a 60cc or 70cc whatever you want to call it and i was thinking about getting one just wondering has anybody had any experience with...