1. Wickedest1

    kids occ fd bike

    not gonna do a lot of cross posting but figured some of you stretch guys don't visit the diy section, so heres my cross post: http://motorbicycling.com/showthread.php?p=548458#post548458 thanks for looking feedback, questions concerns and comments ALL welcome
  2. fgonensin

    occ build

    Im building an ooc motorized bike any thing I should look out for?.trk
  3. B

    chopper bike? stingray vs. other

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and world of motor bikes but very excited to be joining. For my first bike, I want a cool looking chopper bike with an 66cc (80cc) motor with a budget of about $400. I am not quite sure what bike to use though... All i can find om craigslist is the schwinn...
  4. D

    OCC Stingray Chopper lights

    Anyone know of a good way to wire on a light kit? I have blinkers, tail/brake lights and headlights, as well as switch handles to activate them, but I ran into a snag with the blinkers because the handles don't make them blink, just turn them off and on, any suggestions? I can't find much about...
  5. 16v4nrbrgr

    My first Motorized Bicycle, OCC Chopper custom street fighter!

    Hello, my name's Kyle and I'm new to motorbicycling. I've always thought small motorcycles, pit bikes, and mopeds were cool, and have ridden a lot of scooters at the race track to run errands and get around, and thought it would be fun to get into this hobby as a diversion from getting into...
  6. H

    Barry Chain Adjusters?

    anyone know what the "Chain Adjusters" that are supplied with some of the barry kits are for? will post pics of my occ when its finished.... just waiting for some parts from gasbike that were supposed to be here a week ago.