noob help
  1. I


    hi i bought this engine and was wondering what the best way to wire it was and what i should buy as i'm pretty new to building scooters and such and figured i would ask the pros lol
  2. F

    Fresh thread

    Okay so i made another post but it was pretty vague so I'll just make a fresh thread with pics, so I was scrolling gumtree and came across someone selling a old zbox motorised kit they had never opened and had just kept in storage and they didn't know if it was the z-80 or z-50 So went for a...
  3. Memy1251

    Parts vibrating loose

    HEY GUYS! Just built my first beauty. It’s running well and strong aside from when I picked up a nail. However I have a question about how you guys like to secure your gas tank and mufflers. My attached components are tending to vibrate loose. Am I just going too fast? Or if there another way to...
  4. C

    Noob needing 2-stroke advice

    Hey everyone, this is my first post so please bear with me here. Alright so let me start by listing what I'm working with: (I underlined the most important stuff) Elevation: Sea level Terrain: All flat other than trails which rarely have hills of more that 6 feet gain in elevation at 40 degree...
  5. R

    Engine Will Not Start

    Hi, I put my bike kit together the other day and it worked great once I got in on the bike, for a day. I was riding home after the first day of use when I ran out of gas. I was close to a friends house, so I pedaled there and found that he had gasoline and two stroke outboard engine oil. I...
  6. P

    Help a noob...which bike?

    Hey guys I am new to all these motor bikes and I am planing on buying a kit to start one. I have an eye on a 80cc motor bike kit, and I wanted to know which bike would be best. I am focused on speed een though here in Puerto Rico there are a couple of hills, but I live in a relatively flat area...