new 2 stroke motor
  1. G

    Can't get it to start first time, new build.

    Hi guys, my first post here. First off my kit and bike. The kit was bought on Amazon, is a Frederimo 78.5cc/100cc (50mm bore x 40mm stroke) 2-stroke kit, with a Speed carb (with the red cover), needle clip set halfway, cdi with red boot (if that matters), wired black magneto to black cdi wire...
  2. B

    Clutch arm completely loose (and other problems during my first build)

    This was a long first time post about not putting in the bucking bar.
  3. NutrientR46

    New Biker in Colorado Springs!

    Just got my 80cc engine mounted to my Hardrock Specialized Trail-bike! It was a bit challenging to put together, but it's all worth it. I did mess up on cutting the chain, so I had to order a new one, but thankfully my neighbor had a proper chain cutting tool that he uses for his Kawasaki...
  4. Dogtown Burner

    anyone bought a Sun-thing engine off eBay?

    I'm looking at an engine seller on eBay selling Sun-Thing engines. person is Sun-thing28. they're not cheap, so has anyone used one, and are they any good?usflg