1. darkness

    New build- Full suspension mountain bike

    .bf.Hey guys. Im a newbie to the site. My last build was a road bike. It was an older non- descript bike (not even sure of the brand, no labeling) which i chose mainly for its light weight cause i thought it would be faster. Unfortunately, i was riding along an old logging road by my...
  2. N

    NY laws on motorize bikes?

    Hi everyone, I would like to buy a engine online for my mountain bike but Im not sure if I need to get a license or registration. the engine i wanna get is prob 40 - 50 cc, (I have read that anything under 49cc you don't need anything, Is that true? I really dont want to do any legal papers...
  3. MountainMage

    Looks like I need a new bike...

    howdy there folks