motor bike
  1. carl clack

    The Piston Came

  2. carl clack

    Definitely gonna need some new Lights - 1st night ride

    btw i do however have on a very nice reflective vest! keep the negative comments - only positive input needed - thank you - I built this and feel very accomplished dont try and take that away!
  3. carl clack

    clutch shaft

    Hey guys new to this Had my bike for 2 days and decided to start taking things apart just to check on them and see how it works ( i know now that this was not a good idea) long story short i cannot get the plate that holds the pin that pushes the bucking bar and accuator bearing to close, i was...
  4. R


    Hi, I bought the 80 cc motorized kit and light from BGF. I received the light today, and realized that it was one of those friction lights that rub the tire for power. I feel although this will just get in the way, and break. According to BGF I cannot bypass the friction piece and hook the light...
  5. D

    High RPM Knocking!?

    when i get into higher speeds on my 80cc beach cruiser, I hear a fast knocking sound and would like to know if I should be worried about that? or what is causing it?