magic pie
  1. S

    Electric Cycle

    HI All, I am from Kerala of India, and interested to have an electric bicycle for my own local commute. Does any body know the best manufacuturer / suppliers in Kerala or India from where I can have one ?
  2. B

    Got my Magic Pie 3!!

    Now to put it all together. I thought the kit included a seat-post mounting rack, but one didn't come. Maybe the "RAK-2" was just the bracket. Also, I ordered a cruise control extra but it was included in kit. So I have 2 now. . . Got the biggest widest Swalbe tires (Big Apple 2.35") for my 29r...
  3. BarelyAWake

    Ruined by an electric bike... excerpt from: Mongo, 48v 1000w 'Magic Pie' hub on a Mongoose 'Snarl' Just Wanderings... It's all I seem to do any more, tools laying unused & dusty in the shop with my other bikes forlorn in the corner - every day I find myself on this b'danged electric bike again, seeking yet...
  4. BarelyAWake

    Mongo, 48v 1000w 15ah ebike

    Well this sux lol - I was gonna make a better vid to post in this section, but my spiffy new HD cam decided to get all psychotic on me & as I just sent it back for warranty replacement/repair, I won't get it back for prolly about two weeks give or take... So, I figure I'll jus' post what...
  5. BarelyAWake

    Mongo, 48v 1000w 'Magic Pie' hub on a Mongoose 'Snarl'

    Well... I didn't think I'd ever be makin' an ebike thread - but here I am heh A little background on this first I s'pose, I've been tinkerin' away on a suspended hybrid/tribrid tadpole trike on & off for about a year now: The Bent Zombie Tribrid Tadpole Trike & it occurred to me that it's...
  6. BarelyAWake

    The Bent Zombie Tribrid Tadpole Trike

    K... first off as ya'll may or may not know, I'm not known for buildin' bikes in a hurry lol, I like ta take my time, usually whiling away the winter tinkerin' and somtimes wondern' what in heck I've gotten myself into. This 'uns no different, well... mebbe a lil heh Usually I don't like to...