1. breath_easy13

    brake lever to brake light wiring questions

    I want to run the headlight, brake light to brake lever, LED turnsignals and handle bar switch to a rechargeable 12v. No, i dont want to buy a new flywheel and coil system for the motor. I would rather swap out 2 12v and leave the engine alone. So I know little to nothing about electrical work...
  2. S

    How to hide wiring/ wiring tips?////// Where can i put my battery?, I use a 12v 7 ah battery

    Ive been putting full lighting on my past few builds and on every single one I Have had trouble making the wiring look good/ easy to service if needed. Any tips on how to conceal the wiring better/ make it look good? thanks!
  3. Z

    Advice on my electrical system

    As part of my new build, I have an LED headlight, and 2 LED strips(one back and one front) that act as running lights, break lights, and turn signals. I might also add a horn in the future. I plan to power that stuff with a 12v 7ah SLA battery(maybe 2 in parallel), and keep a small charger handy...
  4. Deiseldave

    wire harness

    I am in the process of building a prototype wire harness to have a full lighting system that is self recharging. Once I have a complete working harness I will test it for a month strait and concider production . This harness will support an array of functions such as a break light, running...
  5. S

    Magic Shine Clone

    Recently I bought a clone from You attached it to the handle bars with a large o ring. It was not sturdy!! Searching the web I found the same light with a much better mounting system.dance1 If you notice it clamps the handle bar, much nicer. This was found on This...
  6. S

    Turn Signals

    Here are some pics of what I used in the building of my Cranbrook. I hope these come out. Scrollerguydance1
  7. BarelyAWake

    ebike lighting/12v accessories on the cheap

    With any electric vehicle, power reserves are of paramount importance - every watt counts. Lighting can be a power hog, particularly if it's spiffy halogens so they're often out of the question. Problem is while 12v DC lighting & accessories are plentiful and inexpensive... anything other than...
  8. D

    Lighting Question

    Hi all. I bought an Indian Head fender tip light (12V) and a single, bobber style tail light for my cruiser. I have a large 12V battery and a small doo-dad 3 way switch. When I wire up the connections, the Indian head lamp will light, but the tail light will not (even without the switch...