1. G

    DIY tail light reflector hack

    I really don't know how many people actually bought Huffys for their project bike but, here is a tail light hack that uses the fender mounted reflector as a light case. First, you need to cut the reflector off of the base. I chose to do it behind the reflector where they have the lip...
  2. R

    Anyone try this light or have opinion??? 15-watt LED headlight, 1200 lumens, $23

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/310568041747 15 watt led headlight, supposedly 1,200 lumens. I believe it if it's really 15 watts. I was thinking of adding this to an led truck fog light that I am currently using as a high beam for night rides. I have a 12-volt battery on my bike capable of powering...
  3. R

    just ordered $40 worth of leds for my bike

    just ordered $40 worth of leds for my bike - suggestions??? I just ordered some leds for my motorized bike. Blue and green strips for the front shocks and handlebars, white for low beam, h3 replacement for my high beam, red replacements for my tail light and red strips for the frame next to the...
  4. BarelyAWake

    ebike lighting/12v accessories on the cheap

    With any electric vehicle, power reserves are of paramount importance - every watt counts. Lighting can be a power hog, particularly if it's spiffy halogens so they're often out of the question. Problem is while 12v DC lighting & accessories are plentiful and inexpensive... anything other than...
  5. Ruby478

    Homemade headlight under $10

    I made a very bright headlight battery operated for under $10 anyone can make this headlight easy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFFAmHlE1G0