1. PluckStrumRide

    Original Fuel Tank Petcock Leaking *Help*

    The engine kit I purchased, which I've ran on 2 bikes (Currently on my profile photo) It has the standard/older style fuel tank requiring the female style petcock. The original leaked and the seal became useless. I ordered another. I apply thread tape to the tank to help with a better seal...
  2. J

    RT Carb leak.

    Having some issue with the RT Carb leaking around the banjo of it and can't figure it out. I put a new washer around the banjo, put a hose clamp on the fuel line and still leaks. Tried tightening as much as possible, no luck. Have no idea what else to try besides putting some permatex around the...
  3. Bigredgasbike

    Standard fuel line size?

    Anyone know the actual size of the fuel line that fits the stock carb of these engines? (you know, the one it comes with when you buy a kit) my bike has been leaking pretty bad and i dont know what size fuel line to get it. i was thinking something slightly smaller in diameter than the original...
  4. Das Chicken

    Leaking exhaust gasket

    My 48/49cc two stroke HT engine's exhaust gasket is leaking. The whole front end of the engine is saturated in oil (not the top though). Whats rust? It even decided that it would be a good idea to spray scalding oil on my leg (felt like a bee sting). I am using a self port-matched METAL gasket...