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    Ignition issue

    Hey guys I have a 2 month old skyhawk engine. I use a mikuni carb, expansion chamber, 36t sprocket, supercharge cdi and a few other minor mods. I recently shaved some of the head to raise compression, and ended up raising it by about 30psi. Since then, my motor has become a bit more difficult...
  2. O

    Engine not starting, despite good spark

    My 80cc engine from China (eBay) has not started since it was assembled a week or two ago. Fuel is getting to the engine, as the spark plug was wet when checked after cranking - for some reason it refuses to burst to life upon releasing the clutch. The engine will turn over after releasing the...
  3. D

    HELP! WIRING in a YZ80 CDI ignition to my 66cc china

    Ok, new here. HI. Now. I stole an ignition box (early 80s yz80 box???) and how do I describe them... two little dangly things that look like coils (but there's two of them and narrower than our coils, no provision for a plug wire to exit) off my brothers YZ80 frame that was laying behind the...
  4. M

    pull starter

    How does a pull starter work? What happens once it turns on the engine?usflg
  5. J

    Grubee 66cc magneto ignition winding output voltage?

    Howzitgoin' eh! I'm just getting my 66cc China Girl together, and have a used CDI unit I want to use. I have tested the magneto with an ohmmeter and it appears good (330 ohms). Rotor magnet is strong too. I'm using a variable autotransformer (variable voltage AC supply) to test the CDI...