honda gx35
  1. L

    Honda GX 35 gas cap falling off due to vibration?

    I'm talking with someone from Craigslist who is selling their motor bike with a friction kit and Honda GX35 engine installed on it. They are offering to sell the bicycle, the engine, with the friction kit for $170. It's a no brainer if the engine works! The issue is, there's no gas cap (fell...
  2. L

    Is there a best bicycle for a Friction Drive setup?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on getting my first motored bike. I'm thinking that a Staton Inc Friction Kit and Honda GX35 will be best so far. I'm just not sure about the actual bicycle to get. Any input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  3. G

    My first 4 stroke (or How I Learned to Stop Tinkering and Love Simplicity)

    I am abandoning my 2 strokes in favor of a 4 stroke. I just ordered a Honda GX35 with a Staton Friction Drive kit. After much research I have come to the conclusion that this will be a nice daily driver for me. I plan to put it on my Micargi Rover (replacing my 2 stroke China girl). It won't...
  4. Fonzz

    Brand New Honda GX35 Won't even turn over?

    Hi there anybody that may have some advice for this dilemma... I have a new / unused Honda GX35, got it from the small engine warehouse. I just finished mounting it to a friction drive and got everything else hooked up, ready to test it out. I put in the oil and gas, primed it, put the...
  5. Fonzz

    2 Friction Drives Compared

    Hello motor bike enthusiasts :) I am planning on adding a friction drive to my Electra Street Rod, choosing to go this route for simplicity and reliability. I was darn near ready to just order a friction kit from flmotorbikes until I saw the kit from dax. I have already decided to go with...