fuel tank

  1. PluckStrumRide

    Original Fuel Tank Petcock Leaking *Help*

    The engine kit I purchased, which I've ran on 2 bikes (Currently on my profile photo) It has the standard/older style fuel tank requiring the female style petcock. The original leaked and the seal became useless. I ordered another. I apply thread tape to the tank to help with a better seal...
  2. V

    Strange Problem - Engine slows down after mile

    Hey Everyone! I hope you can help me out here...My bike has a NT Carb that was a solution to a problem with my original carb from the bike kit that I got on ebay. The bike was working really well, but I got a nail stuck in my tire...replaced the wheel about a week later. I go for a ride and...
  3. D

    WTB: Good Condition Gas Tank

    I'm looking for a top tube mounted gas tank from someone in the San Diego area. I'll pick up a cheap peanut style tank for $20-30 or more for a Sachs Moped style tank. My tank started crying again this week and I will too if it keeps me from going on the group ride this Saturday. Hit me up! BTW...
  4. R

    Help motor dies when i go above 80% throttle

    This is making my head scratch guys... My bike can go 50% throttle for more than an hour. However when I go above 80% throttle for more than 20 seconds then the engine dies off... I am 100% sure it is not supposed to do that lol. So right after it die this time I saw that the plastic...