four stroke
  1. breath_easy13

    can i use this bike w 212 death row

    im stuck between these two bikes. this one claims to have an xl 29 frame which would be the better choice...
  2. B

    Honda ghx50 Gas leaks from pcv

    Someone please say the reason this honda engine is squirting a lot of gas out the pcv hole in the engine. The bike is running but there's a lot of gas spraying out. What do i do about this strange issue? thanks!
  3. F

    Has anyone used a Honda xr80 motor?

    Been wanting to do a boardtracker build.Picked up a Worksman bicycle and trying to find a four stroke.Found an xr80 motor at scrap yard.Has anyone used one of these,if so I would really appreciate some pics.Thanks
  4. Noped

    schwinn riverside four stroke ez update

    Hey fellas; its been two years since my last update. heres my specs: schwinn riverside cruiser from kmark, ezm tran., honda gxh50 with huasheng carb., Jim's 52t sprocket. all in all i have been thrilled to ride what has only been 2500 miles or so. I wrecked it recently and am in process of...
  5. BarelyAWake

    The Bent Zombie Tribrid Tadpole Trike

    K... first off as ya'll may or may not know, I'm not known for buildin' bikes in a hurry lol, I like ta take my time, usually whiling away the winter tinkerin' and somtimes wondern' what in heck I've gotten myself into. This 'uns no different, well... mebbe a lil heh Usually I don't like to...