1. johngreen

    New member+Bike Questions

    hey! new member here, not new to biking, sorta new to these motors but they're pretty self explanatory. As of my problem i havent done a ton of investigation which i probably should have done before consulting all of you fine folks. Problem: i have a nice running (usually) 80cc bike i am...
  2. Matty Skacore

    Idle problems

    When I pull the clutch my motor dies. I know this is vague but what are any possibilities. I can get my bike running smooth but pulling the clutch makes it idle for several seconds than it starts to slowly die, it is in the break in still.
  3. G

    Genesis 29 rocks

    Took it to the beach (Garden City, SC) last weekend. Woke up at sunrise and rode for about 30 miles. It was so awesome I can't tell you. People just stopped in their tracks and stared. Now I just need to get the high end of the power band working. The float bowl is at an angle so I've added...