1. J

    80cc 2 stroke Bike wont start

    I recently bought a 80cc 2 stroke bike off of offer up and it was listed as not running so first thing I did was replace the carb and clean the gas tank after doing that i tried to start it and my throttle cable broke so i replace my throttle and kill switch and then i tried to start the bike...
  2. carl clack

    The Piston Came

  3. TheNecromancer13

    Necro's Bike Repair Help - Ask me how to fix stuff and I'll give it a shot.

    Although I'm not the greatest with repairing engines yet, I do know how to build a normal bike from the frame up and diagnose and fix pretty much anything that might be wrong with any part of your bicycle which was there before you put the motor on it. So I thought I'd let people pick my brain...
  4. G

    Reclaimed from the junkyard!

    I am fed up with the kit supplied peanut tank, looks cheap and store-bought! (I think I actually just read that somewhere recently) I took a trip down to the local motorcycle salvage. After speaking with the owner and finding the smaller fuel tanks, I chose this one It belonged to...
  5. Z

    Bike skidding when starting

    I am new to motorized bicycle building. I just put together my first one and got it running last Friday or Saturday. Everything seems to be going fine with it except that it has started skidding when I release the clutch to start it. When the bike slows just a bit it turns over and starts. If...
  6. F

    Bike kills itself

    My bike kills itself I pedal drop the clutch motor kicks on im still rolling, then i put the choke down (off) try to give it gass nothing it just slows down wont go and then shuts off, even when i hold the clutch back down. I think its not getting spark, bought a new plug same thing...
  7. C

    Muffler End Cap Fix

    I tried a lot of different muffler end cap fixes, and in the end they all kept falling off one way or another. I jb welded a soda can to the end and then put a screw threw that, and the screw loosened and it eventually fell off, then i went to using a washer with some drilled holes in it...
  8. K

    Advice appreciated

    Hi all, long time listener first time caller here. So my bike has a 4-stroke hua sheng 49cc engine with the centrifugal (automatic) clutch. Today I was riding and something happened with the clutch so that it changed to being permanently engaged. I would appreciate any advice as to a fix. I...
  9. Ruby478

    My motor died

    I went on a simple 7 mile ride to go and from right.........i my motor went dead it had gas my carb is set stock and i changed the spark plug it wont start at all it just makes this horrible screeching noise like bad breaks on a car:-||
  10. B

    would this exhaust fit on my motorbicycle?

    pocket bike exhaust pipe muffler | eBay and would i get improvements in performance? would it be quieter than the stock exhaust? a while ago, i was riding along and all of a sudden the exhaust sound increased ten fold, turns out the end of it (cap) vibrated off so now it's just the baffle and...