first build
  1. F

    Fresh thread

    Okay so i made another post but it was pretty vague so I'll just make a fresh thread with pics, so I was scrolling gumtree and came across someone selling a old zbox motorised kit they had never opened and had just kept in storage and they didn't know if it was the z-80 or z-50 So went for a...
  2. F

    Buying a "new" second hand kit

    I was just scrolling gumtree and came across a cheap new in box motorised kit the guy said he is unsure if it's a 80 or a 50, I'm going for a look and I wouldn't know how to tell let alone if all the parts are there and what makes a good kit from a bad one? I'd imagine I wouldn't want a flat...
  3. P

    Best 4 stroke 38 - 49cc kits for beginner, first build

    I'm brand new to motor bicycling. I have a sixthreezero evryjourney bike (, I want to install a 49cc or less kit. I've been looking at KMB, BikeBerry, and most recently, Golden Eagle. I'm trying to compare a kit...
  4. breath_easy13

    Fat tire Build

    Hey, new to the site, fairly new to building bikes. After lots of reading I've decided to go with a motorized fat tire bike. I wanted more of a cafe racer look, but i also want fat tires, and the old cruiser type mountain bikes just dont have fat enough tires. anyway, heres the build. Also...
  5. B

    Finish my first build: 48cc Chinese kit

    Greetings. I'm new to bike building and I finished my bike yesterday. I had some trouble getting it together. The first real problem I ran into was the the front mount didn't rest correctly and was way too high, I managed some jury rigging by cutting the mounting bolts and welding it in once...
  6. Memy1251

    Won’t idle:

    hey guys, so my first build i ran it and the engine idled flawlessly. For a while, then the bike would no longer idle. When I pull the clutch the RPMS shoot sky high. When I leave the clutch it’s always trying to go like a car placed in “drive”. Any ideas? Thanks guys!
  7. Memy1251

    Drive sprocket won’t turn

    So this is my first build, and once it was all together, I found that on disengaging the clutch the bike would not roll but what little slack the chain would allow before the chain would run out of play and snag. I’ve gone through clutch re-set and cleaning procedures, such as cleaning the pad...
  8. A

    First build- extreme loss of power/four stroking only under load

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to get another opinion on the issue my motorized bike is having. This is a chinese 80/66 cc "flying horse" engine and is my first build. It didn't take me too long to get it up and running, and for the first few months (despite some minor troubles to work out) it...
  9. D

    first time builder

    hey everyone. just joined to seek the wealth of your experience. building my first motorized bike out of a 2013 felt MP and needed help with if a flying horse 66cc's chain will clear the 2.125 wheels. now to find a related thread to post my questions. searched all over and have learned a lot but...
  10. N

    First Friction bike problems. need help!!

    Hello i have built my first friction drive motorized bicycle with an old mountain bike and a homelite super 2 31 cc motor. my main issues are with my gas tank, my engine mounting system and with stopping the motor. my first problem i assume can be fixed easily but i dont know how. my gas...
  11. H


    Hey guys. I am 17 yrs. old, I am from Utah, and this is my first build. I started with a mountain bike that I bought from a thrift store. I probably have another month or so to finish it. I just ordered my last big purchase of new wheels, tires and odd and ends. I still have to paint it and...
  12. J

    anyone else having problems with gurbees quality lately?

    i bought a grubee 80cc kit for my schwinn jaguar and it was a horrible peace of crap i worn people away from there cheaply made kits everything about it was a headache and it had almost no power compared to the flying horse 80 cc kit i replaced it with i understand some of the stuff is junk...
  13. H

    First Bike Help !!!

    Hi, I am working on a Schwinn Clairmont, with a kit I ordered from boygofast. I plan on recording the entire project from beginning to end. From the bike to unboxing the engine kit to the build. Check out my first video and future vids to come atdance1
  14. Blake84

    First build by most not handy guy

    let me start by saying i was so proud of myself for removing the front and rear wheel. This should give you an idea of how handy of an individual i am. I purchased the below low rider felt from norm at After enjoying it i decided i would like to build the next bike...
  15. A

    TANAKA PF3300 or standard 80cc HT bicycle engine?

    I am looking for an engine for my bike. Here are my requirements: 1) Can't be too loud 2) Engine must last at least 2-3 years (twice-a-week use, no more than 20 miles at a time). 3) Must travel around 25 - 35 MPH 4) Must be removable (In around a 2-3 hour time frame) I have been looking...
  16. K

    Kyle's Build

    Ok, so here's the deal, I'm trying to make a motorized bicycle at my house, using just parts around my house. (Except for the broken fuel line). And now ive come to the point in time where i need to have some kind of clutch on it. Ive thought of a lot of different things i could do (roll start...
  17. N

    Schwinn Stingray first time build

    Hey guys, i'm new here at the forum so i would appreciate some help if you guys/gals wouldn't mind. I recently acquired a Schwinn Stingray chopper in excellent condition, got it for nothing, and i was looking to put a motor kit on it but my budget is real tight, and i cant see putting out $200...
  18. B

    Motorizing My OCC Schwinn

    I am from a small town in Northern California, and I recently took up motorbicycling as my new hobby! I have helped build an old school 20 inch schwinn stingray and a basic cruiser style 26 inch. Neither of which were mine, so one day I decided to order an engine kit so I got one from raw...