engine mounts

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    New here, First 212 build

    Hey guys, so i just posted my 'hi how are ya', which may have been long overdue... Im familiar enough with 2 stroke kits, but this is my first build from scratch, and my first 4 stroke... This is a long post, so if youd prefer to skip the context, the TLDR is that im having trouble mounting a...
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    Engine keeps tilting to the side

    my engine keeps tilting to the left side of the frame and it already cause my front 10t sprocket to break 2 teeth, anyone have some advice? im running a custom mount up front cause my frame is thick and im using a steel plank and 2 U bolts, there on really tight and when i ride for a bit the...
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    Engine mounting and chain alignment

    Does anyone have any ideas for motor mounts that slip? After I ride for a little bit the engine pulls over to the left side of the bike from all the torque. Once it gets far enough off center the chain derails. I have thought about drilling and bolting through the frame of the bike, but am...
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    My first build

    Whats up guys, this is my first build and i installed engine mounts, tell me what you think, i'm located in culver city/Los Angeles Ca area. Thanks Gbolder Culver City Cookies Have you had your cookie today?