1. Testname111

    Bicycle stalling out while rideing, please

    OK so my bike engine stalles out while riding from idel to accelerate but is random sometimes its fine? ( short burst stalls) Its 1 of these problems? Fuel system/carb I cleaned out my fuel tank and lines and carb already still stalls I have this carb with a #75 jet on it (it came with a #72 I...
  2. Sgt. Howard

    Cheap 6 volt lighting system!!!

    Starting with the headlight- here's the donor system Bought at Wally World for less than $10. 10 LEDs- does a good job of lighting up the road.
  3. PluckStrumRide

    12v generator help

    New to the forum. 3 builds under my belt so far. The age old question that I can NEVER sort out: How to get proper lighting on a bike? I'd rather skip buying endless amounts of batteries and buying lights that fail after a week or two. I HAVE found a 12v generator that installs next to the...
  4. A

    Replaced every electrical component, still no spark

    I have replaced every electrical component on my 66cc 2 stroke and still VERY weak/no spark. New coil, 2 new CDI, new magnet, new spark, everything. Any pro tips are appreciated.
  5. S

    Hello from California

    Hi everybody : I am new here and I need your help. 1) I have a 2 Stroke 80cc bike and I would like to know the steps to connect the switch with the coil and the coil with the engine. From the hand switch (Killing Switch ) there are two wires coming out One black and the...
  6. Bigredgasbike

    replaced entire elecrical system, AND IT STILL WONT RUN!!!

    If anyone can help me with this id be very happy because i really miss riding my gasbike. A while back my bike stopped running for no apparent reason, and after much troubleshooting, and replacing every last electrical part on the bike, it still wont run. -_- it gets full compression, and the...
  7. M

    Spark Plugs?

    Hello. I ordered a kit off kings motor bikes and they sent me 2 spark plugs. I just ordered a new cdi and a high performance plug wire and boot. Well the plugs that were sent with the kit are not the best. I cant seem to find a cross reference. Since im upgrading electrical i would like a new...
  8. D

    No Spark Even With new CDI- Help Please!!

    Hello all! Was riding my bike the other day and it died slowly. After a bit of figuring I replaced the CDI ( used). It worked! Then about two weeks later and 150 kms of riding it died again very similar to how it did before. I did not notice going over bumps or anything when it died and the...
  9. madwheels37

    TZR 50 CDI & Coil Wiring???

    Here is my dillema so PLEASE someone help!!!!! I have the same set up like the JN Motors HP Limiter; Don't know where to put which wire. Most of the sites I have been to say it has green, yellow, etc. colored wires. Mine does not as can be seen in the photo. Please tell me where to connect...
  10. D

    Lighting Question

    Hi all. I bought an Indian Head fender tip light (12V) and a single, bobber style tail light for my cruiser. I have a large 12V battery and a small doo-dad 3 way switch. When I wire up the connections, the Indian head lamp will light, but the tail light will not (even without the switch...