electric start

  1. M

    No bt80 electric starts anywhere

    Can someone help me find where the bt80’s are or what happened to them, i cannot find a single one to buy. I want a second bike build with a centrifugal clutch, and preferably electric start. Also considering 4 stroke but I dont know quite yet and i live in an area with lots of hills, would a 4...
  2. Sleeeeve36

    My BBR Tuning Bullet Train Kit

    Heya! New to the forum, and bike kits in general. Wanted to post a couple pics of my build. Really happy with how it turned out as I haven't done anything like this before. Heck, I have enough trouble trying to get the snowblower and lawnmowers working as it is but so far so good here! Ive made...
  3. J

    A little curious about something atm.

    I'm a little curious about this, but what would be the possibility and/or benefits of using a friction-plate clutch on a 4-stroke motor, such as a GX35? Supporting mods in this hypothetical case would be an EFI system and maybe an electric starter.
  4. madwheels37

    Electric Start

    Has anyone ever put an electric starter on their bikes? Is it possible? Which one and how?