1. B

    Dax Little devil f80 VS regular F80

    Hey, I've been looking for a good motor and i have decided on getting a kit from ThatsDax.com . I'm gonna mount it on a KHS montana mountain bike and get a 1 gallon gas tank. The only thing left is which kit to get. I was first thinking the regular F80 which is a 80/69cc motor. I'm pretty sure...
  2. G3R0N1M0

    90's Diamondback Accent

    This is my first build.It is a 26" Diamondback Accent with a 66cc Dax(older model i don't think he sales them any more in fact i know he don't). My pops bought this motor for $100 from some guy in northern California. It came already mounted to a bike in which i didn't like so i put it on this...
  3. P

    Dax f80 pull start

    I currently have a dax f80 motor, but I want to set it up so I don't have to pedal to start the engine and I was thinking a pull start would be a good route, but I haven't been able to find one anywhere. Does anyone know where to find one for this motor?
  4. B

    is this normal?

    I just received my Dax bottom end and the left flywheel looks like it was dragged across the pavement. The edge next to the con rod has maybe 20% that looks normal. Does anyone have any experience with theses bottoms. Ive tried to post pics but it says limited memory. Advice on that would be...
  5. G

    Genesis 29 rocks

    Took it to the beach (Garden City, SC) last weekend. Woke up at sunrise and rode for about 30 miles. It was so awesome I can't tell you. People just stopped in their tracks and stared. Now I just need to get the high end of the power band working. The float bowl is at an angle so I've added...
  6. G

    Dax RT Carb help

    Ok so I bought a new DAX RT Carb judging fro the reviews out there. Very cool looking carb I must say. Without any adjustment I had much better low end and much quieter. However, high end is total crap. Maybe it's four stroking but I have no idea what that even means. I've looked...
  7. Fonzz

    2 Friction Drives Compared

    Hello motor bike enthusiasts :) I am planning on adding a friction drive to my Electra Street Rod, choosing to go this route for simplicity and reliability. I was darn near ready to just order a friction kit from flmotorbikes until I saw the kit from dax. I have already decided to go with...
  8. A

    Is the DAX F80 chinese made?

    See title :)
  9. A

    Dax F80/ SD Stinger 2 Stroke Engine Kits!

    Is there any major differences between the SD Stinger and the Dax F80 engine? Is the Dax engine worth $20 more? Which engine will last longer in terms of mileage, and which one is quieter? Thanks, Feelssogood
  10. A

    TANAKA PF3300 or standard 80cc HT bicycle engine?

    I am looking for an engine for my bike. Here are my requirements: 1) Can't be too loud 2) Engine must last at least 2-3 years (twice-a-week use, no more than 20 miles at a time). 3) Must travel around 25 - 35 MPH 4) Must be removable (In around a 2-3 hour time frame) I have been looking...
  11. A

    DAX or SD Stinger?

    I am looking to buy a 2 stroke engine kit online. I have narrowed my selection down to either the thatsdax kit or the SD Stinger kit. The DAX kit costs $25 more than the SD Stinger kit. Is it worth the extra $25? Thanks
  12. A

    ThatsDAX out of 2 stroke kits?

    How long until ThatsDAX has more 2 stroke in-frame kits?
  13. PatTheThird

    ThatsDax rt High Performance Carburetor

    I have used both the NT and CNS. Both were fairly tempermental and neither performed very well, especially at high RPM. I just installed my Dax rt 15mm carb. I have heard that its a clone of a 15 mm Dellorto carb. Going to the Dellorto website pretty much confirms this. They look just alike...