1. PluckStrumRide

    What size piston do I need? Help

    Engine wouldn’t start after 2 miles on a very hot day while riding. I suspected the clutch, no change. Once I opened it up, the piston looked scoured and the cylinder wall as well. I’ve never worked on the top end before and need to know what to get. What piston is this? The diameter of the...
  2. M

    No fuel in chamber

    First time bike build. I put everything together correctly but I cant seem to get fuel into my chamber from my carburetor / intake. I took off and am looking through the intake tube between the carb and the cylinder head. I can see my piston moving up and down as spin the wheel, but it wont go...
  3. TheNecromancer13

    Spark plug wont fire in cylinder

    So my spark plug fires just fine when I hold it against something, but when I try to get it to fire in the cylinder it wont fire no matter what I do to it. Any ideas? The engine is a grubee skyhawk raw racer 66cc and I assembled it last night and now can't get it to start cause of this.
  4. J

    Nirve fifty five 'skulls' build

    Picked this up last week after I had been on the look out for ages for a Nirve or Electra to motorize for my second build. First thing is to make some offset engine mounts to clear the 3" fat rear tyre, here is the rear, just need to find a piece of billet for the front. Going to do a...
  5. 4

    Different cylinders

    Hi, first post I have a 48cc engine kit that needs a new top end but the cylinder fins on this engine are round and the only top end I could find on ebay has square shaped cylinder fins. Will it still fit? I tried searching on the forums but I didn't find much. Thx
  6. R

    cylnder head laping/ flating

    I have been meaning to put together a quick tutorial on how to flat lap a cylinder head since the question does get asked on occasion. Tonight I finally did just that. Some may remember the 3hp Briggs I found a while back. It's been sitting on the work bench partially disassembled, so I figured...
  7. J

    Cast iron-lined cylinder available for Grubeesque 2-stroke?

    Howzitgoin' eh! Newbie here... I got 2 of these engines and a pile of spare bits for 100 bux, for a rebuild, one good engine and one scrap. The good engine was dismantled, cleaned, fiddled with, and is now reassembled and I'm tidying up the loose ends now to install it in my Sekine 26" bike...
  8. V

    Cylinder Base Gasket/Permatex Ultra Blue

    Has anybody successfully used Permatex Ultra Blue silicone gasket maker (or something similar) to replace the Cylinder Base gasket? I had to take the cylinder apart and that base gasket got torn up and I was wondering if the silicone can be used instead of having to wait for a new one to be...
  9. waistofhumanspace

    Different Pistons

    How many different pistons are there for 66/80cc sky hawk engines? I purchaced a cylinder & piston when I put it on my motor the piston hits the head, I see that the connecting rod hole is further down tward the botom of the piston then the one that came originally, causing the piston to travel...
  10. M

    New Rings, How do I re-install the cylinder?

    I put new rings on my motor (48cc grubee). How do I re-install the cylinder. I know this can break my rings so I want to do it correctly. Thanks for the help.