1. A

    harbor freight 79cc oil filler threads

    Thinking real hard about mounting my 79cc Greyhound engine vertically. Have the mounts, fabbed up a plywood plate, etc. But I am stuck on drilling and tapping the second oil filler hole. I have seen others use what appears to be a brass hose barb looking thing- are those 3/4" MHT threads...
  2. I

    new crankcase design help and input!

    hi guys i got a friend that works at a machine shop and mechanic shop and he told me that if i can come up with a design he will try to get access to the cnc. and I'm not really good at designing engines so thats why i came here. i just want to design a crankcase that will take polini or puch...
  3. nidyanazo

    What's leaking from the crankcase....grease? *pic included* Help diagnose

    This is leaking through the crankcase.. ..Seems like grease, possibly from the clutch shaft. There is a small piece of gasket missing there... Was thinking it is some assembly grease for the clutch shaft... Also wondering about using some RVT gasket maker sealant right there...