1. Testname111

    My magneto generator idea?? please look

    If I take this waterproof sensor-less brushless motor 3pole 1 for spark 1 for ground 1 for accessory (looking to rectify to 12v d/c) bike/generator...
  2. M

    GT90 Crank

    I just purchased a Gt90 kit and everything to build it except for the crankshaft. I've search the net and forums but I cant find any information on it. Do any of you guys know the stroke and rod length?
  3. J

    Nirve fifty five 'skulls' build

    Picked this up last week after I had been on the look out for ages for a Nirve or Electra to motorize for my second build. First thing is to make some offset engine mounts to clear the 3" fat rear tyre, here is the rear, just need to find a piece of billet for the front. Going to do a...