1. D

    CNC Hub Sprocket?

    Hello everyone, I recently heard the CNC hub sprockets are better for your bike. I googled the price and it's like $70 - $90, which I think is way too much for a piece of metal. Does anyone know where I can get this a bit cheaper. Thanks in advance. Size: 1.18
  2. H

    CNS problems...unknown

    Bike had been running great, always starts on first pop. Always just gave it throttle and poped the clutch and i was off. Never even had to use choke. Was cruising on it the other day and it just died at 20mph. Couldn't get it restarted. Messed with it for a good bit And found if i petal like...
  3. R

    CNS cone filter HP throttle cable too long

    I just got a new CNS high. Performance carb and after I installed it the action was OK except for the throttle cable after returning to idle the housing pushes out of handle housing 2 or 3 inches and both ends have the permanent set slugs agjustment???????please help!!!!!!.shft.
  4. B

    bike will start(kinda) but will not accelerate. HELP!

    so i just bought a new cns carb and my bike will not accelerate. when im riding and i let go of the clutch, the motor turns on but there is absolutely no power. my throttle will slightly rev the engine but it is very quiet and will not push the bike forward. ive tried putting the choke all the...
  5. P

    CNS v3 carb vents

    I'm sure if I searched for an hour, I could find notes buried in a thread about this topic. But I wanted to ask up front about this one. What should I do with the three vents on the outside of this carb? There is one on the bottom (bowl drain?). There are two on the top facing upward...
  6. domster66

    No throttle control, kill switch no work!

    Hey so I just recently got my CNS V3 carb to finally work but the new problem is that when I start it, I just take off with no control of the throttle and I can't kill it with the kill switch because I'm not sure how to connect it. So I have to stop by holding the brakes, and wait until it shuts...
  7. F

    How to install cns carb??

    Hi, I have a 66cc beach cruiser. Just got my new cns carburetor in the mail. Ok so attached to the carb are 3 transparent tubes. If somebody will please take a picture of how these tubes are supposed to be setup that would be amazing. If you can't take a picture then please explain it. Also, I...
  8. H

    Cns carb adjustment clarifications

    Cns carburetor adjustment/screws?? Hi, I'm having some issues with my CNS Carb. Specs: Jet 80cc 2 Stroke Bicycle Motor -Jet 80cc 2 Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5 66cc/80cc Slant Head Bike Motor Kit (Standard Finish) Standard Finish 2.75 HP. - Speed depends on rear...
  9. hawaii_87

    CNS+MM Intake= Holy $@*# (Wait did I just get bleeped)

    So for anyone who blasts the CNS carb. YOUR LAZY!!! Yeah sorry your lazy. You want something that's plug and play, and no tuning involved.Sorry bub not going to happen with your bike. Pair the CNS to a MM Billet Intake and ditch the spacer and you got one helluva fast ride. I got a CNS and spent...
  10. A

    LEAKY CNS carb

    so i had to make a custom intake manifold for my caburator to be offset to one side.. the carb is perfectly level and leaks out of the air intake port as well as the overflow. The bike frame is always wet and the bottom of the air cleaner box always has a few drops of gas hanging on it. ANy...
  11. T

    NT Carb Kit??

    Hello, Can anyone tell me where i can buy a 2-stroke kit that comes with and NT carb? I have looked around and I can't find anything. I found a site that said their kit comes with the NT, but when it came it had the CNS which I cannot figure out. I don't really want to keep buying NT carbs...
  12. R

    POS CNS Carb...need an NT?

    I’m new to the world of motorized bicycling in fact I just finished my first build. I took a Rolly M50 and fitted it with a sky hawk G5 66cc engine. To fully understand what I’m going through I originally ordered a 49cc JET engine kit that would have come with a plain old NT carb but because i...