chain tensioner
  1. M

    Frame broke. What is a good frame?

    Earlier this week my frame busted in the back where the seat stay connects to the rear dropout on my way home from work. What is a good budget frame so I can get my bike back up and running. Its my main transportation to and from work. I was thinking about buying a frame from bike-berry that has...
  2. ilandz

    Many problems with chain drive system...

    I'm very new to motorized biking, having just finished turning an old 90's mountain bike into a speed demon. (or at least I hope it will be) The kit I got was a pretty standard 49cc 4 stroke from ebay. The biggest problem I've had so far is the chain that connects the belt drive to the sprocket...
  3. A

    Chain is not aligned properly between tensioner and rear sprocket. Help?

    I'm working on my first build at the moment, just surpassing the stage of mounting everything. After mounting the tensioner, I rode the bike around to see how fluid the whole chain assembly was. Everything is working fine, except for the tensioner which is slightly diagonal in relation to the...
  4. L

    (Motorized Bike Kit) Good Chain Tension Setting rear sproket

    Hello Everyone! My name is Lewis and I'm fairly new to motorized bikes and I hope to help the community in anyway I can! Anyway... On to my questions. What would be considered good chain tension? I seem to need to true my sprocket at the moment because, I seem to have issues with my chain...
  5. spiderskzes

    10 tooth ebay idle sprocket

    Do you think this will work instead of the stock idle bearing? THanks .spr.
  6. Pilotgeek

    Another Chain Tensioner Idea

    Well, I used to run without a chain tensioner for quite a long time. I got really lucky at first... my pedal chain and motor chain both had almost the exact same amount of slack, so I just ran it without a tensioner. I started with about 1" of slack, and this worked great for about 2000 miles...
  7. d_gizzle

    Finally! Pictures!

    Pics of the "SUICIDE" courtesy of my PSP. Sorry for the poor quality pictures.