break in period
  1. J

    An Old Newbie to motor bicycle

    80cc 2-stroke motor. 80 miles into break-in period. 16:1 mixture AMSOIL, synthetic, Saber professional Premium unleaded gasoline. maintaining 15 to 18 mph. I must maintain speed above 13 mph to Minimize sputtering. As I decelerating, sputtering increases. Starts wanting to stall out at 10...
  2. A

    Break in period with low oil to gas ratio

    Some backstory first: Engine is a typical ebay 80cc 2 stroke kit When I first mixed the fuel, I negligently calculated the ratio wrong and ended up with 2 gallons of mixed fuel with a ratio somewhere between 32:1 and 40:1. I have used up almost the entire 2 gallons. The bike has been rode for...
  3. scottcason69

    oil mixture on new motor break in? 80cc Chinese motor.

    What is the saf.e break in mix and any other advice on the break in.