1. SoughtAnarchy

    Any advice on assembling disc brakes on BBR Tuning wheels?

    I recently bought these wheels and someone on here told me I should go for disc brakes instead of rims brakes. I have a standard cruiser set up with this engine on it. Any advice from y'all would be great. Mainly trying to see what I'll need to buy to assemble it (i.e. the disc brake set, any...
  2. C

    Handle brakes vs pedal brakes?

    I am having to purchase a cruiser bike with the brakes on the handles. Does anyone else use these types of brakes and not the pedal brakes? Do they work well, do I need to purchase any special equipment to make sure they are working properly? Thanks
  3. R

    Issue with rear brake lines

    hello, I'm having an issue with my rear brake lines and I haven't found any posts about this particular problem. The rear brake lines on my bike run down from the handlebars and across the top of the top bar of the bicycle to the back wheel. The gas tank however needs to be installed right on...
  4. D

    the brakes

    ok so this is my second build totally addicted but im running a 700c x 38 tires with a 142f stock engine my brakes are U-brakes and they suck it stops the bike but slowly i just ordered a 700c coaster wheel is my tires safe with this brake dont wanna pop on road from burning rubber .duh.
  5. M

    Cheap awesome fatbike. I would so get one if I had the transportation to Phoenix. Only downside would be the fact that even though the bike has good enough clearance for the motor, the tires are so thick that it has to be jack shafted. But then it's a...
  6. B

    BonusParts' Genesis Astra 29er Build

    New build time! Seeing as i blammed a deer on the huffy (video link) I decided to build a brand new bike. I settled on the Genesis Astra Cruiser walmart sells for 185. (bike link) It's a 29er, has V-brakes, all aluminum. I've checked it out in the store and its a solid bike that just...
  7. spiderskzes

    New fork vibrating when braking smooth when not

    Hello quick question from a noob. I have a cruiser bike with a 4 stroke motor. I just replaced the front fork with mountain bike fork with shocks. I tightened everything down and readjusted the brakes. when i rode it was really smooth but when i would brake there was a lot of "woobly" vibration...
  8. kdaddy1980

    Bolt on Disc Brakes for a Cruiser

    Im putting a jackshaft on my new project, its a huffy sante fe cruiser. i wanted to put rear disk brakes on it because im going to be going a lot faster with my jackshaft kit. I bought this disc brake kit from a guy out of Cincinnatti, he said the disk would bolt to the sprocket somehow. The...
  9. R

    Heavy Duty Wheel problems!

    I have come to a problem, should I buy a pre built heavy duty wheel AND THEN replace the coaster brake and front hub, or find someone to build me a custom wheel?!??!? Any ideas or information would be helpful!!!!!! usflg
  10. Targan

    V-Brakes squeak

    I've been searching around an no luck on what seems to be a simple thing. My V-brakes work (and work well), but they squeak so loud! I've tried adjusting them and even going as far as lubricating the tire's rim slightly (yeah bad idea lol). I'm still very new to this bike world and could use...
  11. Noped

    my new rear wheel does not center in frame

    hi; long story new 26"x2.35 rear wheel does not ride in the center of the frame; i suspect that the axle length is wrong on one side making it dificult for me to adjust the V-brake; is there a way to compensate for that or i was thinking of changing the v brake for a side-pull brake...
  12. Horacio

    Brakes gone in a day, what to do?

    Ok I have a problem, yesterday I crashed into a concrete wall at 12 miles per hour. the clutch was engaged, front and right handles were squeezed, and feet were dragging on the ground. I was going down hill and could not get the bike to stop, even though I had done it before, the brakes on my...
  13. Tay

    New guy with basic questions

    Hey everyone, I have recently become very interested in turning my 26" Mongoose Sahara into a MB but I have no experience with it so I have a few basic questions. If all you experts out there could answer them and give me some advice that would be great. Keep in mind my main reason for going...
  14. Ruby478

    where to buy HD Wheel!!??

    im tired of my crappy stock coaster brake wheel that came with my cranbrook anyone know where i can get the Hd wheel and not just the hub?:-||
  15. T

    Hello Everyone!

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to engines and pretty new to bicycles, but very crafty and willing to learn. My first project will be a Huffy Cranbrook i got from wally world after reading a bunch on the forums. i also bought a 4 stroke 49cc engine from Daemon Bikes (not so sure...