1. P

    China Motor with HP Carb Barely Running Only With Choke Off

    I have a basic Chinese motor. recently, I upgraded from my leaking NT carb to an HP carb. I put the new carb on and go for a ride, it runs great. the next time I ride I heard A lot of clicking, coming from around the piston cap. I bought a new piston cap gasket and double stacked them, I was...
  2. Hashbrown

    Bogging uphill.

    This has been a stressful mb week for me. I just replaced my old 48cc jug with a new ported jug with a rounded exhaust port and 40mm intake ( yes you heard that right ) and skirted piston. I ran it, it was great. But I noticed that it sounded like it might be running a little lean, ran it a few...
  3. B

    Unknown electical? problem, after wet ride..replaced everything still nothing

    Okay this is my first post here, ive read hundreds of threads and finally decided to create an account. So here is the deal i had a perfectly running basically bone stock 66cc (nt carb 66jet, 2nd to top needle setting) and i had to ride 8 miles in the rain and it went south about a half mile...
  4. Richluhring

    66cc china, bogging

    so my engine is bogging at any throttle position once it levels out. whether it is 1/4 to wot. I have replaced the plug and fuel it came on sudden. I have checked intake and exhaust port, tightened all bolts, cleaned the carb, exhaust pipe is clear. I run 32-1 fuel/oil, now when it starts if I...
  5. Matty Skacore

    Idle problems

    When I pull the clutch my motor dies. I know this is vague but what are any possibilities. I can get my bike running smooth but pulling the clutch makes it idle for several seconds than it starts to slowly die, it is in the break in still.
  6. kdaddy1980

    Engine Bogging/Low Torque

    Ok guys, here we go again. Yesterday i went to ride my bike and it was really hard to start..then all the sudden it kicked in and ran good, but when i give it a good throttling it cuts out and wants to die. The engine revs really good without the clutch engaged but as soon as i engage the clutch...
  7. Ancient Order

    Engine buzzing/bogging high torque situations

    Whenever I'm going up a hill or starting off my engine will start to make a weird sharp buzzing sound and lose power. Is it not getting enough air/fuel? Whats making that sound? Thanks
  8. PatTheThird

    GT-5 bogs down at higher RPM

    I've had this gt-5 for a few months now. It starts imediatelly and idles great. For some reason once i reach an RPM range the motor backs off like its loosing fuel\air. I think there is a leak in my air intake somewhere. I have a carb ring from Sick Bike Parts and the intake itself is air tight...