1. bahramu

    For Sale: Billet Case Reed cases

    Brand New Wide crank spec w/ included shims that came with the cases Drill and tap your own studs, perfect for a hybrid build Sold out everywhere $320 shipped Paypal and Venmo accepted
  2. TheNecromancer13

    79cc Predator Flywheel Upgrade?

    My flywheel failed catastrophically today, destroyed itself, the magneto, the blower, the housing, and to top it all off, broke the engine block itself. I have heard mention of billet flywheels before but I can't seem to find one anywhere. Can someone point me to somewhere I might be able to...
  3. T

    Not reaching top speed

    Recently my friend and I both bought 66cc flying horse motors and put them on micargi panteras. He has a 90 degree billet and a speed nt carb and I have the stock nt carb and billet. We both recently tested our top speeds. My bike reached 23 miles per hour and his reached 37. Do y'all think that...
  4. Ruby478

    Cns V2 air leak! billet intake?

    i bought a CNS V2 and it leaks air like crazy i know manic mechanic make a view different intakes which one will works best?
  5. Ruby478

    One problem after another

    Ive built 7 bikes never had a problem.......i always ordered from the same people they've always came through. But less than a month ago i was working on number 8 my person bike first the head gasket blows out.... no big deal replaced it done right? wrong! That same week i have an air...