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  • Ebay seller, ebestoffers4u, is actually a Chinese smuggler of illegal, non-compliant HT motors pictured as 66cc.

    Purchase via ebay seller, a round fin motor drop-shipped by Joyee to the buyer.
    with no EPA sticker.

    After receiving a damaged, 48cc motor returned, AS AGREED to same address.

    Pirate seller uses pop-ups bestoffers4u. When a buyer cruises CL, Ebay adware inserts an ebay motor listing without user consent.

    Members should know "Only Black or Only Silver 49cc Motors" are smuggled, 1.6 hp engines. Been sitting in non-registered warehouses, China ports, Joyee Mgmt, since before 2009 EPA ruling.

    Ebay/PayPal won't honor Buyer Protection because drop-ship warehouses don't appear in sellers account. These "Chinese Connection" warehouses are complicit in receiving damaged engines.

    Have FULL docs, tons of detail, pics & will pursue matter with CA AG's Office, fraud case.
    #1. I see moderator edited out your original message about be kits in your reply. Not cool.
    #2. Due to silly, overblown responses by a guy (I know him) I will no longer be active on the forum, lurking yes, posting no.
    Just haven't the time for stupid bs anymore.
    Thanks for your help. Rob
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